Kc thanksgiving story

Love life, religion, growing up in school, etc

Thanksgiving Interview

I did a Thanksgiving interview with my dad. I asked him questions to get to know him better.


He’s talking about his childhood experience and what someone means to him.

Thanksgiving interview

I interviews my father for this break because I’m really happy that he’s back in my life and he makes me feel so proud of myself and my family

Interview with my Mother

Interviewing one of the most strongest women in the world

The Great Listen

We talked about how my dad’s childhood is different it is from his life right now.

101’s with Hanss

In this interview we talked about life. This interview also contained content about family and accomplishments.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom about some questions I had for her. (In Spanish)


I'm talking to my mom about her childhood and her memories in the past.

Interview with my brother

This interview is on my brother. We talked about about his childhood, the lessons he wished he could’ve gave to his younger and the career he’s passionate about.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My interview was with my sister-in-law such a nervous activity but I was able to complete what was expected

Thanksgiving Listen – Uncle Erik

An interview with my uncle about his personal life and how he lived through it. This also includes my experiences that relate to his. The majority of this interview has a lot of things I find interesting to know about...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

An interview with my aunt about her life.

Grandpa Interview

My grandfather's life story. It goes from his childhood and to his current life now.

Norma and Randi

Listen to me ask my grandmother questions about her life .

Grandpa and I Interviewed

Me and my grandpa discussed good memories during this interview. I knew so much learning from his childhood that I didn’t know.


This interview is private.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interview about education, childhood and hobbies.

Great thanksgiving listen

Well I got interviewed my mom on her life experience.

Thanksgiving Listening

Getting to know a person that I thought already knew was very enlightening. Had some questions I would never think to ask and I found out some things I never knew.