The thanksgiving listen

A casual sit down with my grandmother about her unfiltered, unedited, crazy real life story.

Thanksgiving Interview

This is an interview which reviews a little history of my mom’s life and her achievements.

Family Chat

We talked of family heritage and What was his life like.

Kc thanksgiving story

Love life, religion, growing up in school, etc

My Mother’s and I Interview

I ask my mother a few questions about her life with my two little sisters.

Thanksgiving interview

I interviews my father for this break because I’m really happy that he’s back in my life and he makes me feel so proud of myself and my family

Interview with my Mother

Interviewing one of the most strongest women in the world


I'm talking to my mom about her childhood and her memories in the past.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom about some questions I had for her. (In Spanish)

Interview with my brother

This interview is on my brother. We talked about about his childhood, the lessons he wished he could’ve gave to his younger and the career he’s passionate about.