Interview with Mom-2017

Mom and I chatting about her growing up years. We talked about life on the farm, people she has lost, and some advice for future generations.

Migration Interview

I enjoy listening to my mom. Althought that I stumbled on translating, just listening to them was great!

Advanced English Interview

Talked about other people in my family and what they were like. Also about her past.


So like this is my mom because my grandparents don’t know how to use technology at all

Interview about family

I had a great conversation about him and his family and background. He told many great stories and really enjoyed this time.

Growing up

The most important people in his life when in high school n throughout. Also questions about Jose growing up.

Interview with my Grandpa Jones

I learned a lot about my Grandpa’s childhood and work life and it influenced me

Dad interview

We talked about his life and got some good things that I’ve never heard before.

Ella and Betty

I interviewed my mom about what her life was like when she was my age and in high school

November 25, 2018 App Interview

I asked my dad a couple questions about his life, family and career for a school project.

Interview with Spanish Teacher Mrs. White

talking to a high school spanish teacher about what inspired her to become a teacher.


My mother told me about her childhood and how was her first day in the US


I interviewed my brother Henry Wilson about many topics regarding his life up until today. He answered most honestly!