History Project

This is an interview with my dad in which we discuss his military service, childhood, and me (his daughter).

Getting to Know the Assistant Principal

Eighth graders, Adia and Nicholas, interview their middle school assistant principal, Mr. Thoms, about his childhood, home life, and work life.

Mom tells me about her experiences with my family

Mom talks about her life as a stay at home mom and how she ended up there, why she chose to be at home with me and my brother, and how our family has impacted her.

Superando la muerte de una Madre

Fernando, un joven de 20 años, nos comenta sobre el momento más difícil de su vida, la muerte de su madre. Explica lo que el vivió y da recomendaciones a aquellas personas que están pasando por lo mismo.

Cold War

Cold War was scary to American during that time.

Interview With Grandma Toby

talking to my grandma and learning stories about her life

Megan Horn Troy’s favorite childhood memory. Interviewed by Michael Horn in Branson, Missouri 8/18/2019.

Michael Horn asked Megan Troy, to share her favorite childhood memory. She described traveling in an RV with her family, to Walt Disney World.

Interview with Mr. Pettis

A small talk with our neighbor and friend about life and teaching

Normal childhood and life

My cousin, Jake, talked about his childhood, what he is accomplishing, and what he did in school.

Interview of my Dad

Over my Dad’s 47 years of existence he has gone through many things. I learned more about family, love and his personal beliefs than I ever knew before.

Thanksgiving interview

I learned a lot about my mom in this interview, I asked her some question I never thought to ask her before.

Interview with Grandma

Sat down with Grandma to ask questions about her life and experiences.

Hanging With Mom
November 7, 2017 App Interview

Mom and I talking about our family Heritage

Ali interviews her Dad

My dad and I basically talked about when he was younger and our family and me as a kid.