Mother and Son Relflect on Childhood and the Future That Lies Ahead

Daphne and Henry Carr discuss their favorite memories from childhood, such as moments on the Empire State Building, attending musicals, and listening to cassette tapes in libraries with a future life-partner.

A Baby Boomer’s Life

Life in the 21st century (2018) from the perspective of a married couple born in the 50’s.

StoryCorps Family interview Assignment

I interviewed my mom on her thoughts about her political stands and why she feels that way

Family Interview

Talked with my mom about her family growing up. Her views and dislikes on politics. The differences from politics in America and Mexico. Lastly, what she likes about America


In the interview we talked about my family and there political beliefs

My interview

In this interview I ask my mother a couple questions of what she thinks of the U. S.

November 24, 2018 App Interview

The topic of this interview was about my grandma's life .

Viktor & BC$

2 guys from Hialeah talking about moving to Los Angeles

About Him

We are a couple that live and work in LA

Nestor Mendez: A Story of Redemption through Education

Nestor Mendez was on the verge of dropping out of high school, and struggled with suicidal ideation, until he met teachers who changed his path in life

Interview of Niece

Getting to know niece that has lived overseas for 18 years.

How I found my birth family

She basically told us about how she met her mom and she siblings.