From Past to Present

We took turns interviewing each other about our present thoughts and past experiences of being high school students.

Savannah’s interview

We talked about our ancestors. We also talked about what my moms dream job would be

Interview with Dad

This a basic background interview with my dad, Doug Speicher Sr.

A talk with grandma

In this interview i asked about my mothers mothers life as a young child till now.

Story of Riley Waterson

Riley answers some questions I have for her about her personal life and her experiences.

Alex Jeffords and his uncle Kenneth Milder talk about his life when he was a young man growing up in Omaha, Nebraska.

In this interview, conducted in Manhattan Beach, California on November 23, 2017 Ken Milder(60) talks to his nephew Alex Jeffords(13) about his early life in Omaha, Nebraska and being a younger child most of his life. Ken Milder explains to...

Katie Smythe

Talking about family and the way they have shaped her life. Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate what we have.

Kolin McVeigh & Patricia McVeigh

We discussed a lot about my mother's family and how she was raised, more particularly the difference in societal norms between when she was a kid and nowadays. My mother, Patricia McVeigh, was born in 1967 and works for the...

My Aunt.

A girl that was raised in a ranch in Mexico opens up about her child hood. As well as many other personal things.

My Mother’s Life Growing Up

In this recording, my mother and I talked about her life growing up. We also talked about the people who impacted it.

Dad’s Life
December 13, 2017 App Interview

Chris Romero interviewed his Dad Mark Romero on 12-12-17 about things like child hood and first jobs.

Joseph Howe, Cameron Kuo, , , and
January 19, 2017 App Interview

Joseph Howe, a Vietnam War veteran, explains the every day challenges faced by veterans once they come home. For him, health issues resulting form Agent Orange exposure continue to affect him to this day. He also talks about the hypervigilence...

Isaac Thomas McClanahan Jr.

In this interview my grandfather Isaac Thomas McClanahan Jr. talks about his childhood and teenage years in Bakersfield, CA through his family, young love and life experiences.

My Bloodline and History.

We talked about where my ancestors were from and how she grew up and about her being in school.

A Veteran’s Transition & Life After – (USA v. Joaquin C.)

Take a moment to listen to Mr. Joaquin Cuenca, a Veteran recounting his transition experience of having to face the United States of America in a Federal Court of Law while retiring from military service and the surprising direction in...