Is Life Better Now

Is life better now? This is a question asked often but the people who normally answer it havent lived a long life. Im here talking to someone who has seen it all.

Ryan as a Teen

I get to talk to m dad about his childhood and how he grew up

Family loss

Miguel Díaz has lost two of his siblings when he was 4 years old.

Weaver Bros

Discussing with my parents a variety of topics including war veterans on both my mother’s and my father’s sides. Starting with my mother talking about her childhood, her father’s career as a forester, and our ancestry. Read from records my...

The Elementary Maverick

Before big campuses like Campbell Hall, schools would be smaller and different then they are today. Alex Sanger, is a father of two who lived in Texas until he moved to LA, he went to elementary there and had lots...

Interview with Suzanne Garrett

An interview with my grandma about her last, present, and what she wants future generations to know

Leesa & John on Gun Violence

John Owens was shot and survived a shooting in 2005. Leesa Ross lost a son to gun violence. They share their experiences.

First Date
November 22, 2018 App Interview

This is an interview with my mom about her first date and subsequent marriage to my dad in 1963. My parents are now 73 years old and my dad is in the end stages of Alzheimers disease.

Me interviewing my Popo (Mom’s Dad)

My popo was never really that much of a talker but even this little time was amazing to here him speak from the heart

Kennedy Assassination

This interview is about what my grandmother remembers about Kennedy’s assassination.

Sophia Bravo TheGreatListen2018 Carver

Regrets, old friends, and childhood memories have stuck with my grandmother throughout her life.

A Social Studies teacher views on education

We talked about Standardized Testing, The No Child Left Behind Act, and asked about views on standardized testing in Texas.

Madeline Wolfe: Native American Heritage

We talk about Madeline’s Native American heritage and how it affects her today

Tailene Morales and Grandmother Mella talk about her childhood in Panama.

In this interview taken on November 30th, 2018 in Wylie, Texas, Tailene Morales (15) speaks with her maternal grandmother, Aromelia Vargas (64) about her adolescence in Panama. Mrs. Vargas shares about her high school experience. She also speaks about the...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen part 2

The great thanksgiving listen project part two with my mom. She talks about her parents growing up during the Great Depression and 9/11

Can’t wait to do this

Two individuals. One who has already gone through a tough journey, and one that is just starting out.

Interview with Stella Orozco

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in McKinney, Texas, Bryce Muller(14) interviews her grandmother Stella Orozco(80) and her making her way to America. Stell shares her story about how it was hard coming to America and having to learn...

Interview with my dad

I got to ask my dad a few questions about his life

Interview with a family friend

We talked mainly about important past experiences and helpful advice that I can use in my future.