Interview with Kelly Doherty

In this interview my aunt talks about her life, growing up, her family, and herself. She is 52 years old and my aunt on my mother’s side. In this interview I learned a lot about her and my family and...

Iraq War Interview

In this interview, I interviewed my dad about his experience as a surgeon in the army during the Iraq War.

Peer Interview #2

We talked about school, childhood, and things to be grateful for.

English interview with Nana

You will know my nana after listening to this interview

Taylor Kepple and her mom talk about her childhood, future, and marriage.

We talked about my moms teenage life and the future. We also talked about her hopes for me and my generation. We talked a lot about her dad, who was my grandpa. They were very close and that was a...

Thanksgiving interview

We talked about her childhood and mine.

My Father Rode a Motorcycle to School and My Grandfather Didn’t Know.

In this interview, conducted over Skype over thanksgiving break 2018, Shane Rosenberg interviews his Grandfather Larry Rosenberg about his life experiences. Larry shares stories about his childhood and growing up through out the changes of technology on his life. He...

Interviewing my Dad
November 25, 2018 App Interview

The interview is about my Dad’s childhood and what he likes doing the best. Also showing how life was where he came from.

Interview with a Deputy Sheriff

I interviewed a law enforcement officer in order to get another perspective on the way the public views them given the recent actions made by some police.It was very insightful, as I learned things I might not have ever known...

Cassia Cobb Interview

Interview for oral communications summer class. Conversation between Cassia Cobb and Kyle Cobb.

Interview with Harrison Part 2

This is part two of my interview with my coworker. Harrison lives an hour away and works a full time job during the week, so we did the interviews before and after our shifts.