Gina’s Life

I ask Gina questions about her childhood leading up to her future plans.

Get to Know Eachother

Asking eachother personal questions about events that have impacted our life

Yaniel Carrillo, 17, asking his younger sister Yanielis Carrillo, 13, about details of her personal life experiences.

I, Yaniel Carrillo (17), interviewed my younger sister, Yanielis Carrillo (13). This interview was recorded on November 6th, 2017 in Kissimmee, Florida We talked about her personal life, and how where her difficult moment. We talked about the important people...

The Slim Sadie Sessions: Episode 8 – Maggie Davis & Jillian Perry

Sadie interviews her neighbors Maggie Davis & Jillian Perry, with help from her friends Adalie and Fay.

Reg Kim – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Jaime interviews Reg about growing up in southern California and his experience navigating predominantly Mexican-American and predominantly white schools and how that influences his teaching and conception of vocation.

Partner interview ms.wood class

Arleth and I talked about everything from school to family.

Alexia’s Break

Alexia discusses her life with a reflection on her parents divorce in 2006. She recaptures her academic career and the way it has changed her as a person today.

Class interviews teacher

My second hour English class practiced developing questions for their family narratives by practicing with me.

Tell me about your life growing up

Recorded 4/1/17: Grandpa’s growing up in upstate New York, parents working for Remington Typewriters and then Arms. Went to Ilion high school where he met my grandmother. Aunt Ruth and Uncle Abel in Hampstead, NY (Long Island) invited him to...

My father

I have interviewed my father about his life growing up.

Origin interview

We talked about mostly about her teenage life and how that shaped her to who she is right now. Also how she wished she took more time on school to be more successful. She also talks about how her prom...

Origin Interview

In this interview I talked to my mom and interviewed her on some questions of how she meet my dad. I also interviewed her on how I was like as a child and who she would like to see me...

Devan Shindle interviews Tommy Adesanya from great questions.

Asked about family growing up and what his life was like when he was younger, before college. And his views on politics and teachers in the past.

The Slim Sadie Sessions: Episode 5 – Faye Goodwin

Sadie (with an assist from her brother Riley) interviews her Dad’s friend Faye Goodwin.

Kadin Kristjansson and her mother, Lori Kristjansson, talk about family heritage and growing up.

This is an interview of Lori Kristjansson (50), conducted November 2016 in St. Louis, MO by her daughter, Kadin Kristjansson (14). From minutes 0-20, Mrs. Kristjansson shares details of her childhood spent all over the western United States and describes...

Thanksgiving Interview Dad

Thanksgiving day interview with my dad discussing growing up, meeting my mom, and what it means to be an American