Excerpt From Matthew Cullen’s Interview With Grandpa Bernie

Made For Story Corps Project. Talks about how Matthew Cullen’s Grandpa moved jobs and met his wife. Also how his job moved him all over the United States and Canada.

Thanksgiving Interview Final

For a GTC school project in Freshmen Success, we were assigned to interview a family over Thanksgiving break. I chose to interview my mom

My dad’s childhood.

I asked my dad about what his childhood was like.

Anne and Domenic Pulitano talk about their life.

Will Ebmeyer interviews Anne and Domenic Pulitano about their life, including their childhood, school experiences, job experiences, and thanksgiving. This interview was made as part of an English school project.

“Not once have I felt like I was not welcomed here.”: A chat about Immigration
October 25, 2017 App Interview

An Interview with a Kamer T. Kamer, born In Canada to a Turkish family, left Canada to Turkey at age 5 to 27, then decided to become an American citizen. This is her story.

A Sculptor Called Time

This interview is between me and Tony Sutowski. Tony is a Instructional Services Specialist in Sculpture department in University of Iowa. In this interview, Tony talked about how he made the choice to work with art for most of his...