One Small Step: Jared

“People are less willing and able to breach their comfort zone in order to think about how does the other person think/feel.”

One Small Step: Dan

“Have a sense of humor about it [the world]. Not everything is serious, not everything is life or death. Have a perspective. Don’t be afraid to laugh.”

One Small Step: Chris

“My childhood was filled with every want and need I could ask for, so my view of the world was ‘everything and everywhere else was the same’, and as I grew older, I realized it wasn’t.”

One Small Step: Victor

“Well, I tend to be pretty central in my political views: not too far left not too far right.”

One Small Step: Susan

“I grew up sort of in this bubble, which I think kind of insulated me from politics for a long time.”

One Small Step: Nancy

“I have patients that are losing their homes because of medical bills, and I think that we are a very rich country but our healthcare is a problem.”

One Small Step: Kyle

“When I was five, my mom and my aunt took me to a John Kerry rally in 2004 when he was running for president.”

One Small Step: Julie

“My parents were pretty strict– it’s totally different than when I was a kid.”

One Small Step: Glen

“When I moved to North Haven in 1965, and I realized that I was ‘other’.”