“Tell me about a time when you were super proud of something you created.”

Janine and I talked extensively about creativity and how she incorporates it into her life, in for example her paintings. We also discussed the progression of her creativity throughout her lifespan and how she has witnessed it evolve right in...

Storycorps interview
October 26, 2018 App Interview

Interviewed someone above 60 years old on how creativity has been apart of their life.

Story Corps Interview with my Grandfather, Larry Fennelly

In a brief interview, my grandfather and I discussed his hobbies, career, relationships, and how he has utilized creativity throughout his life.

Creativity Interview

My rhetoric professor and I sat down to have a chat about creativity.

Dad & Daughter

I interviewed my dad about the creativity in his life.

Interview with Dr. Kate Tierney

Creativity and the application of creativity in the sciences and teaching.

Story Corps Project

I interviewed my Grandfather, Marvin Boehme about using creativity during his time as a Superintendent in Iowa

Creativity with Pat

My Rhetoric professor Pat Dolan and I discuss the concept of Creativity and how it plays a role in his life.

Interview with Pat Dolan

I interviewed my Professor Pat Dolan about the role of creativity in his life.

Creativity in Aging

An interview with my grandma about the art she did in her teen years and art she might like to keep doing as she moves forward in life.


Interview with Jerry Patterson

If There’s A Will, There’s A Way

I talked with my grandma about her creativity and what has impacted it as it’s evolved over her lifetime.

Creativity Interview

I interviewed my academic advisor for this project

Eva Simon & Donna Simon thoughts about creativity

“Creativity is more than art.” In this interview, my mother-in-law shares a few ways that she has used creativity in her life.

Creativity in Older Generations

This interview is about the creativity my grandma has today/ had as a child.

Creativity of My Grandmother

I talked to my grandmother about her life as a creative child, her love of Georgia & family’s creativity.


Interview with Cindy Hafner

StoryCorps Interview-Hunter Morrow

We talked about how creativity affected Dr. Kutsko’s life

Creativity in the life of Professor Messerle

Interview with Professor Messerle on creativity in his lifetime

Interview with Bob Walker

This interview is about creativity in his life. We talked about what it means to him and where he sees creativity in his life.


An assest I have and how I overcame a challenge with it.

Life is a Dance

A discussion about creativity with a professor at the University of Iowa.