My interview with one of my best friends, Michaela

In our interview, we take a small dive into the life of one of my best friends, Michaela

Donald Folsom is a Marine Corps Veteran that served during WWII.

Donald Folsom is a Marine Corps veteran of WWII who shares his experiences and how the war has impacted him and our country. He has had some difficult and hard times, but no matter what he loves our country.

“SELAH” concert interview with Ryan Muns

I interviewed Ryan Muns and asked about his music career and Selah his concert. Ryan also talks about his near death experience and his journey to creating a powerful stage performance.

Class interviews teacher

My second hour English class practiced developing questions for their family narratives by practicing with me.

Me and Dad(Mason and Will)

Me and my dad talked about what his life was like back then and how it influenced him to become what he is today.

Sister Lucianne Siers

Sister Lucianne and I met at the West Michigan Environmental Action Council’s Climate March in fall 2015, where we realized we both participated in the Universal Human Rights Conference recognizing the 500th Anniversary of Montesinos in Washington DC in 2011....