Sibling Interview

What we really talked about was a lot of memories. I wanted you to get to know kenny’s childhood so you can get a better idea of his character.

Joey’s Amazing Journey

A brief summary of a crippled Navajo Indian’s 200-mile bike ride from Flagstaff, AZ to Monument Valley, UT and his heroic campaign for “Madonna for President.”

Aunt and Niece 2018

On an week-long vacation in Cancun with extended family, we decided to interview each other to create a family archive.

School years 1935 – 1948

We talked about Martin’s school days in Brooklyn NY from 1935 to 1948.

Educating from Experience

To improve the quality of STEM teaching and learning, EnCorps recruits, selects, trains and places STEM professionals as teachers in high needs public schools.

“You want to work with people who have good character.” an Interview with Martha Savage

Eager to get out of the lab, Martha Savage spent the year immediately following her undergraduate graduation at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station where she worked as a cosmic ray observer. In this position, Dr. Savage, who is now a...

Mugshots: Sandi

Sandi is a silversmith vendor at Musikfest and loves all the people she meets at Musikfest. She describes Musikfest as EXCITING.

Mugshots: Carol

Carol talks about how Musikfest is interesting in how it displays the arts. She also briefly mentions the flood this year. She describes Muskifest as INTERESTING.

Mugshots: Debbie, Felix, Eva, Paloma

These four friends work together and take a day off to enjoy Musikfest every year. It has become a tradition. Their words to describe Musikfest are GOOD TIME, FRIENDSHIP, FUN and TRADITION.

Mugshots: George

George loves coming to Musikfest for the funnel cakes. He describes Musikfest as INTERESTING.

Mugshots: Bernie

Bernie has been a volunteer at Musikfest for 30 years and keeps coming back because of all the people he gets to work with or meet. Bernie describes Musikfest as AWESOME.

Learning About Love

What Alzheimer’s disease taught me about love.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Morgan Robinson

Morgan Robinson shares fond memories of visiting her grandparents every weekend on Tulip St. right at the base of the Tacony-Palmyra bridge. When her parents moved from Tacony they did not move far; never farther than 10-15 minutes away. Morgan...

Grandpa Interview

This interview consisted of childhood memories, work experience, and his thoughts on society

Interviewing My Mom
September 9, 2018 App Interview

Talking to my mom about parenthood and how it affected her personally.

Life’s Most Profound Moments

Life’s most profound moments, especially that of humans connecting.

Sam and Colby with Lola and Colwyn

Colwyn and Lola, the two most awkward children who like to talk about fandoms. Today’s episode is Sam and Colby.