Chanler Wright interviews an Army Sergeant

I asked a retired army Sergeant about the desert storm war in Saudi Arabia.

A life time of blessings

In an afternoon, Kylie leaned some new-old things about her grandmother Shirley.

Me and my great-grandmother.

How my great-grandmother grew up and where she lived when she was younger.

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond was a physician in the army. Here’s his story.

Interview with me grandpa

This is an interview about life, career, lessons, and time spent serving our country

Grandpa’s Life Experiences

We talked about his parents, future of the country, memories, what he is thankful for, family traditions, the military, advice to his younger self, and proudest moments. We also talked about his childhood and his profession as a physicist.

Military Voices Initiative with Tressa Jilek

Tressa Jilek talked answered questions about her experiences in the Army as a Quartermaster Officer. She started her career as an enlisted soldier in the Army Reserves and earned a commission through ROTC.

Family’s story

How my family’s experience in the military shaped who my family is today

Two Memorable Parachute Jumps from His Career

Collins Wynn recounts 2 parachute jumps that he made. One was with a round military chute and included a landing into trees. The other was not a military jump. That jump was with with a skydiver style chute. On the...

Grandpa interview

I interviewed my grandpa about his experience in WW2 in the army, his brother who died on a ship, how he met grandma, and working in the jewelry business