Troubled Times Lead To A Blessed Life

Former Marine shares story from going through hard times and how it shaped his life. A hard past with a rebellious feeling towards God can come out to end with a great story. God is a better writer of your...

Combat Veteran interviews Military Widow

Mrs.Joy was kind enough to share her life experiences with me and I am forever grateful. She is a military widow who owns her own daycare. Being a combat veteran myself, I had countless questions because of the many intersections...

Her marine experience

She was talking about her whole experience in the military service. She served in the marines and how it affected her and her influences.

Carson’s interview with his dad Tad French

We talked about his child hood all the way up to the present time

Interview with Tom

In 20 questions I inquired about Tom’s childhood and military experiences.

A Life of Service, My Father’s Story

My father speaks of his early life before joining the marine corps and later navy, describing his 26 year long career serving the United States

Army 401

Kyle discussed time in service and lessons learned to transition into civilian life

Interview w/ My Dad, Rizaldy

My dad discusses his life immigrating to the United States in the 70s, his time as a marine and meeting my mother and having me.

One Year as a United States Marine

We talked about what the past year has been like, what he’s learned, and what people should think about when speaking to a veteran.

Marine Reservist Lance Corporal Devin Taylor

I sat down with my friend Devin Taylor to talk about his experience in the Marine Corps.