Off To College (part 2)

In this interview my grandpa and I continued our conversation about University.

Off To College (part 1)

In this interview my grandpa and I talked about his feelings towards me attending a university.

Kerry and Anne

Kerry and Anne talk about their experience as parents involved in Parents as Teachers home visiting.

Cristian’s interview

Q&A between me and my father of how college will be and how it will affect my life.


Her life was talked about.

Interview with Desmond McCallum, one of Prince William’s first career firefighters, and his son Peter McCallum, a former OWL firefighter.

Desmond McCallum moved to Woodbridge in the 60’s to become one of Prince William’s first career firefighters. He raised his three children in Woodbridge; including Peter McCallum who followed his father’s footsteps and served as an OWL volunteer firefighter. A...

Fall Semester Final/College

This interview was about my dad’s expectations and worries for when I go to college and my own expectations and worries for when I go to college.

My dad and I and I

We basically had the hardest time ever about a year ago with my leaving my moms house and moving in with my dad. We clashed a couple of times which lead into some fights I never want to hear or...

Ordinary Grandpa Had a Musical Past

My grandpa was a famous musician in his day and explained his path in music.

Mother, Daughter Talk

I have a conversation with my mom about me leaving to college,and what her concerns are when I leave for college

StoryCorps AVID Final Parent Interview

This is a recording of an interview with my mom in which I ask her questions relating to college.

Giver interview

This interview was about how how her life/my life was or is

Future generations

Aquí se hablará sobre las generaciones futuras y cómo era la vida de mi tía y de lo que aprenden de sus antepasados