Victoria Cheung and Sipeng Zhang Discuss Coping with the Climate Crisis

Victoria Cheung and Sipeng Zhang, classmates in the University of Michigan's SEAS program, discuss the climate crisis and what coping techniques can help with this challenge.

Double Waak Recording

On December 23, 2018 the Waak family found a cassette tape recording from Father's day 1976 of the whole family when they were headed to a Bell Helicopter family event. The sole grandchild of the family helped record this recording...


interviewing my granny for an english project

Soc 110

I am interviewing my roommate, Karen about her life and religious views.

AP Lit Interview

The beginning of this interview was more generic, I wanted to have some questions to start with which happened to be provided by StoryCorps. My main focus, however, was to find out more about the transition from Mexico to the...

The great Thanksgiving listen

Some of the topics my mom and I discussed were mainly about her child hood, how she grew up, and some of her greatest memories from school. We also talked about our ancestors and where they came from, we discussed...

Dennis Nault; My father

In this interview, I ask my father some questions about his life. Thanks for listening


i've learned a lot and i'm very grateful for my nana and our family.

Ramell Dash comes out to tell how his life was growing up
September 30, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, Conducted in September 2018 in New York, Ramell Dash talks to us about his experience through trial and error growing up and how it shaped him to the man he is now.

Interview with Cecil Nelson of Shawnee, Oklahoma

This interview is part was done by Boy Scouts from Troop 386, Edmond as part of the Eagle Scout Project of Alexander Fryer. The purpose of this project was to help seniors record stories of their life. One goal of...

Erica’s Interview

My mom and I talked about her childhood, life lessons, and moral values that the future generation should take on with their life

Rosemary Farley, Jesse Farley, and Jennifer Farley

Jenny Farley (33) interviews her mother, Rosemary Farley (66), and her father, Jesse Farley (68), about their lives. Rosemary grew-up in a farming town in Wisconsin, and Jesse grew-up in the Chatham neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Jesse...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Project

I had an interview with my grandfather. We talked about my grandmother because she is from India and we talked about his job in the Peace Corps.

My Mother’s Life Without A Father

I asked my mother questions about what life was like without having a father around because her father passed when she was very young.

Mike Honsinger Iraq War

We talked about Mike's opinion on the War and what he thought the purpose was for it.


I asked my mom about her experience at stevenson

World war 2

Parents were only survivors of their families.