Old head chronicles

We talked about his life and how it was like growing up in the country

Fei Perry and Nickel Rivera

Friends Fei "Rachel" Perry (22) and Nickel Rivera (22) talk about their friendship, their work organizing in their communities, participating in mutual aid during the pandemic, and their aspirations for the future.

Sucheth Parigi and his mom, Srilatha Arumalla, talk about religion, school, and politics.

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in Marlboro, New Jersey, Sucheth Parigi interviews his mother, Srilatha Arumalla. She describes her life growing up, her political beliefs, and how religion has played a part in her life. She also shares...

Interview with Father

I interviewed my father about what he is most grateful for as well as his past growing up in a poor city and how it impacted him.


The struggles of a Sudanese boy

My cousin recounts his childhood growing up in the 80s!

My cousin, Alex Larin (38), and I (Anna Parada, 18) discuss how it was for him growing up and how he interacted with electronic media.

Roommate interview

This was an interview done on a close friend of mine.

Interview with my dad, Dallas M Young, Jr.

My father, a professional musician, describes how he got into music when he was younger and the people who influenced him along the way.

Hannah Karczewski and Zachary Hayes

Friends Hannah Karczewski (23) and Zachary Hayes (23) talk about their common experience of attending University of Michigan-Flint during the Flint water crisis, growing passionate about the community, and pursuing ways to give back through work and volunteering.

A life well lived

Ranya story of her family coming to America.

getting a foothold in a new country

This interview is about my mom's escape from Vietnam and how she was able to get a foot hold in the US

heidi kimbrough

my 24 year old sister heidi talked to me today about how her life was and how it is going. she talked about some of her childhood and how her life is now.

Living with Diabetes

Camryn and Morgan (roommates in college) sit down and talk about experiences and feelings about living with diabetes in college. They describe how it’s changed their lives and how it affects their view on society

U.S. History Reasearch Project

An interview between (me) a 9th grader and (my) his Grandma about the JFK assassination.

Great thanksgiving listen 2019

My mother gives thoughts about her past, present, and future, connecting them all to similar personal ideas