Learning more about my great aunt’s trip to America from Limerick

I got the chance to talk to my great aunt about her trip from her home to America! Interesting lessons she learned along the way that can be great advice for teens today

The Transition

Me and Juan talked alot about Juan’s transition from Dominican Republic to the United States.

Learning about my fathers past

We talked about the struggles of moving to America and not knowing any English at the age of 12.

Margaret Hranowky

In this interview, Margaret Hranowsky talked about her hardships as a child being a refugee and immigrant. She also reflected on her life in a new country and what made her and her family successful in America.

Thankful For Her Experiences

My name is Guadalupe Cruz. I am 16 years old and me and my mom live in Los Angeles, Ca. My mom explains her life when she first comes to the Us and how she is grateful for every experience...

My Mom’s History: From China to America

We talked about my mom’s history as a Chinese immigrant to America.

Family Heritage

In this interview, my mother talks about her family and specifically her grandfather, who came to the U.S searching for a better life. He passed through Ellis Island.

Coming from Korea
November 8, 2017 App Interview

Paul discusses about his experiences with moving into America from Korea

Lucie Haskins Comes To America

I talk to my grandmother about her experience coming to America and where her parents met.

Sowk 732 Loyola Chicago

This is a story about my friends mirgation into the United States from Mexico

Uzma Munawwar : opinions and life

Talking to my mother on her thoughts on immigration and her life in America

No Regrets

Teenager, Vivian Lee (17) interviews her grandma (74) at their family home in New Jersey, Egg Harbor Township. Her grandma recalls the hardships she faced when she lived in China and how fortunate she was when she came to America....

My Mother

about my mother leaving Japan and coming to america

Papai e Eu

My dad and I talk about his experience being with my mom, my father, moving to this country, and losing his dad.

Mamãe e Eu

My mother and I speak, in Portuguese, about her experience growing up, coming to America, and being my mother.

From the Philippines to America – 1980s

My father (Juancho) talks about his experiences in America as an immigrant coming from the Philippines in the 1980s.

Genealogy Project

I learned about my family in a way that I didn’t know about before.

My Japanese Dad

I talked to my dad about his experiences in America and he gave me a few lessons about life too.

Jose Espinosa P.8

This interview is about my family history and some of the hardships my father had to go through when he arrived in the U.S.

Story of Ruth
November 30, 2017 App Interview

This is an interview of the wonderful kind and strong woman Ruth Perez. This describes her immigration to America and raising her family im a foreign land.

Kasia and Marta

Kasia’s interview of Marta and her immigration from Poland to America.