David Burrell interview.

I spoke with my father about his background and his family’s background. I also asked him about some funny stories and a very important person in his life.

“My children are everything to me”

A interview of Cui Fang Lee, mother of 3. Cui talks about her past and future life. She explores her interest and talks about her childhood. She exclaims her love and care for her family, and how she would like...

Brandon Smith interviews grandmother, Elizabeth Smith.

Brandon and his Grandmother, Betsy, discuss happy moments, past relationships, life advice, and attempt to pin down the complicated persona of Betsy Smith.

Interview with Aunt Judy

We talked about mainly her childhood and her favorite memories and stories that took place throughout her life time. My aunt also spoke mainly of the lessons she learned and how she grew as a person through the many things...


Me and my mom talked about her life and how it was.

My Other Me

Mostly it was about my brother’s life and how events shaped his life to who he is now.

Intetview with Josh M

Interviewing my boyfriend of 15 months on thanksgiving eve

Interview of my father

My father was a sensitive child who happened to be a brainy kid and loved school. He grew up to have a family with 6 boys and wants me to have a family.

Jonathan Baxter interviews his mom Mary Ellen Baxter about growing up and parenting.

November 2015 – Rochester, NY. Jonathan Baxter (33) interviews his mother Mary Ellen Baxter about stories from her childhood, his childhood and her hopes for her grandchildren.