First Iraq Invasion: Liberation of Kuwait

My dad was prepared to leave Miami on the morning where the United States was invading Iraq.

“What can you tell me about the war?”

This is an on the phone interview with my grandmother. She was a child when the second world war ravaged china and her hometown.

Vietnam War

I had a interview about how the Vietnam War personally affected my stepdad, James Coyle. We talked about what he learned throughout the war and how it affected him and his family.

Michael Kahan with Sora Frankel discussing early years of her marriage, motherhood, and career.

Sora Frankel discusses the early years of her marriage. Her husband, Aaron Frankel, and she lived with her parents in laurelton, queens during and after World War II. He held a number of jobs in jewelry and related fields, while...

Grandpa interview

I interviewed my grandpa about his experience in WW2 in the army, his brother who died on a ship, how he met grandma, and working in the jewelry business