Lydia Begag interviews her teacher, Christina Jagielski, about her life and its events.

I sat down with my Sustanibility teacher, Ms. Jagielski. She first spoke about her personal family relationships and heritage. These relationships impacted her throughout her life and paved the way for lessons and other events in high school and college...

The great Thanksgiving

We talked about how my stepmom grew up and her life experiences.

A few stories from Sugar-tooth Grandma

In this interview, I talked with my grandma about her childhood and social work, which slowly transitioned into a deeper conversation regarding her divorce and the grandpa I’ve never known. She gave me advice about my life looking ahead into...

My family

My mother’s experiences and words of wisdom

Interview with my mom

My mom talked about what had happened to her during her childhood and what her family was like

Ben Rodriques/Theresa Rodriques Great American Listen

We spoke about my parents and their lives and how their lives changed by raising me.

Interview discussing childhood with basic questions

In this interview, I interviewed my boyfriend Austin Cunningham. I asked basic questions to which many reflected on our childhood and difficulties we faced as well as good times. We stray away from difficult topics since we felt that we...

Life story with my mom

My mom talked about her life as a young adult of how much she enjoyed in the Philippines with her friends and family. Discussed our current family and other goals she succeed in.

Adventure 4 Project Pathway

Interview with Todd Jackowitz for Psychology.

Father and son

Me and my father talked about his downfalls and how he got back up on his feet.

Interview with Roddy Yang

An interview discussing life lessons and childhood memories.

Interview: My Mom

Here I interview my mother about her brief life in Ecuador and as that of an immigrant in the United States

History and Childhood of my mother and aunt

In this interview, we talked about my mother’s and Aunts childhood and life and their aspirations for future generations.

the Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 30, 2019 App Interview

Interview at the family meet up at the beach with grandparents!