How he felt about the holiday thanksgiving

Interview with Grandpa

My grandfather and I talk about his past experiences in life, and how they relate to us now.

Brothers Second Birthday

This participant had more than one special place and story.

Interview With Uncle Tom

The main focus of this interview was mostly on how God is the only thing that matters and having a personal relationship with him. In addition, family played a huge role in both thanksgiving, and life in general.

A Mother’s Love

I ask my mom mom personal questions about our relationship and I learn more about her background.

Yelaine & Boris Balsindes Urquiola

This our first interview and the being for more understanding about us.

Grandma Joan

My grandma has lived a very interesting life, I thought it would be nice to hear her story.


Good and bad memories of my life. These are stories my mom wanted to share with me

Three gay friends say goodbye and discuss the year long vacation they’ve shared together.
September 13, 2018 App Interview

Over lunch, 3 gay men say goodbye as the greatest year of our lives comes to an end. 229 days, 600 meals, 250 restaurants, nude beaches, parades, countless adventures and 57,800 photos to remind us of how lucky we are...

Interview With Garrett

We talked about his life and what he did as a little kid.


We talked about life and what he was proud of and what he did in the military


We talked about my life and the great influences I’ve experienced


Ebony and I talked mostly about her childhood and what she learned in life.

My mom

I feel that this interview went well and that I learned a lot I did not know.

Sandy Tomaga

This is an interview of me and my mother


Today i interviewed jordan about his life to learn more about him.

My mother and I

I was asking a series of question to my mom and she was answering them


My mom and I talked about my childhood and how I behaved when I was younger. She also mentioned the most important parts of tasing a child