Teaching With Mapes

This interview is about my teacher Mrs.Mapes and what she’s goes through as a teacher.

The College Experience For Millennials: featuring Chiara Draney

I interviewed a student at Virginia Commonwealth University about what it’s like being a college student. We discuss things like tuition costs, career preparation, and technology in college.

Through Their Eyes: SCHS Class of 2018

As a group, we divulge in what it means to be a senior in the class of 2018 at Santa Clara High School.

The Unasked Story

I (Zeeann McCarty) have interviewed my geometry teacher (Yolanda Ricasata) from Freshman year. I asked her about herself and her experiences. I did this so that others can see what a wonderful person she is outside of just being a...

Student Sharing Wisdom

We’re doing an interview for a project that’s based of survival, resilience and identity. My class (writing and reading strategies) have connected with Hollis class (intercultural communication) to explore how students negotiate their identity at UAA.