The founding of a Waldorf high school teacher training program.

Douglas Gerwin spoke about the founding of the Center for Anthroposophy. The center is the only Waldorf high school training in North America.

Ms. Douglas’s child birth traumas

In this interview, conducted in November 17th , 2017, in Lincoln Park High School, Chicago, Illinois, Biljana Tanceva (16) interviews her Law teacher Miss Douglas (53) about her childhood and the beginning of her adulthood. Miss Douglas shares her story...

Douglas Wright

The interview was conducted by Sherree Mongrain, Volunteer Coordinator at Infinity Hospice Care. The participant was Doug Wright, Who is 98 years old. We discussed Doug’s life as a youngster as well as his time in the military and his...

Douglas Wheeler

Me and my dad talked about our lives and the stories we have that shape us as people

Kourtni Douglas

Kourtni Douglas: 2020-05-11 23:00:45. A conversation about mine and my older brother’s relationship!

Douglas Parr

My dad's life and how its different from mine.

Douglas Ray Souvignier

Douglas Ray Souvignier born January 15, 1934

Douglas and Kim Sjostrom

Douglas talks about how he got into keeping bees, honey, the joy of getting a swarm and educating about bees versus wasps, the peaceful nature of working with bees, and making the world more friendly for bees. Kim tells about...

Interviewing THE Douglas Thornton

Me. Thornton and I talked about his teaching career and highlights amongst it

interview with Kim Douglas

the person I interviewed today was Kim Douglas (48 yoa) she is a secretary at Palestine Wheatley high school and I asked her questions about her childhood and etc.

Tracy Thomas and Douglas Yeager

Douglas M. Yeager (78) interviews friend of several years Tracy N. Thomas (53) to discuss the founding and operation of a veterinarian practice focused on helping senior citizen pet owners. The practice is called Ender Pet Care and is located...

Lionel Baldwin and Douglas Yeager

Douglas M. Yeager (78) and colleague Lionel V. Baldwin (79) discuss Baldwin's founding, development, and operation of National Technological University (NTU), a graduate engineering school delivering credit and non-credit programs via satellite.

Barbara Kates and Douglas Nye

One Small Step conversation partners Douglas "Doug" Nye (74) and Barbara Kates (69) talk about religion and spiritual life, the Back to the Land Movement, sobriety, activism, differences in views on government, and hopes for their future generations.

Douglas Caputo and Matt Caputo

Douglas Caputo (64) has a conversation with his nephew Matt Caputo (43) about family history, legacy, and their connection to immigrants.

Douglas Bostick and Walter Edgar

Colleagues Walter Edgar (78) and Douglas "Doug" Bostick (68) exchange their favorite stories from the Revolutionary War and challenge common misconceptions about its history.

Laura Douglas and David Blevins

Siblings, Laura Douglas (70) and David Blevins (68), pay tribute to their parents by sharing their story and the way they impacted everyone around them.

Helen Lovern and Douglas Lovern

Douglas Lovern (68) has a conversation with his wife Helen Lovern (70) about their lives serving for the Air Force, some of their memories working at the hospital as nurses, and falling in love.

Ryder Lenning, Douglas Lenning

Ryder Lenning: Talks with his Grandpa about things in life that catch our eye.

Holmes Rolston and Douglas Yeager

Douglas Yeager(78) interviews his family friend, Holmes Rolston(79) about his work in the field of environmental ethics. They cover how Rolston got into his line of work, some of the highlights, his most influential works, and what his various awards...

Memories of Larry K. Douglas

Stephanie Velte thinks back to memories of her dad, Larry Douglas, who worked as the Vice President of Promotion at Sony Records with a lot of very popular artists in the 80’s.

Tim Brown and Emily Douglas

[Recorded: Tuesday, October 26, 2021] Tim Brown (UVA '25) and Emily Douglas discuss living in Europe, military service, their parents' influence, and the current American political climate in their One Small Step conversation.