A Tale Of 2 Halloweens In A Pandemic

We talked about our Halloweens in COVID-19 and how assisted living facilities did Halloween this year

My first Halloween

I had an interview with my soon to be boyfriend Jake Morris of the six diamonds

Anth 110 self interview about Halloween.

This is a self interview about how I practiced Halloween as a child.

Halloween night with a major twist
November 29, 2022 App Interview

Jordan Spess and Derek James tell a story about Halloween night. when they start to get followed is it all a prank or is it the real deal.

Fritzi Huber and Bobby Huber

Siblings Fritzi Huber (71) and Bobby Huber (70) share a conversation about growing up in the circus, their parents, and about the first time they celebrated Halloween.

interview with my ant Dylan

I did not know my ant favorite holiday was Thanksgiving. I thought it was Christmas Halloween or just one of those things.

Thanksgiving Memories- NYC, 1930’s
October 14, 2018 App Interview

Talking about Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up during dinner tonight, my father just relayed this story about his childhood in Queens, NY

Diane Salmonsen Interview

Diane Salmonsen grew up in Pennsylvania and is fun and free spirited. Halloween is her favorite holiday and had many family jolkes. Being a military wife was hard during the Vietnam war

David Kinder, Rebecca (Becky) Kinder, and Carie Juettner

David Kinder (70) talks with wife Becky Kinder (64) and daughter Carie Juettner (35) about the first Scary Halloween Party he threw for his younger sister and how it has become a family tradition.

All About Him

Its about cyrille life. Its also about what can be better in this world.

Creativity in Aging

An interview with my grandma about the art she did in her teen years and art she might like to keep doing as she moves forward in life.


A few silly stories about carving pumpkins

World History extra credit 11/26/21

I’m interviewing my dad who is 100% Filipino and moved to America sometime in elementary school. My mom’s side is Filipino & Venezuelan so I’m in this interview he mentions both cultures.

The great thanksgiving listen

We talked about my father’s past and his memories. We also discussed what he sees for himself in the future.

English Project

Interview about careers in Buchanan County