January 21, 2019

Talked about technology and its advancements, society, space travel and more!

The older sibling’s PoV

In this interview I was very curious to know how my sister (Eliza) viewed my older siblings and her experiences with school and growing up. I wanted to know how she perceived them and if there was anything revealed that...

January 14, 2019
David Huskinson, Julie Walton, and washcoarchive

Recording August 14, 2018 –After graduating from Southern Utah State College (now S.U.U.), Cedar City resident David Huskinson became the St. George Library audio/visual and periodicals librarian. In 1990 when he was hired, the new library building was nine years...

A Change in Time

The ’80s what a time to be alive! My name is Vicente Navarro(14) and today I interviewed my aunt Silvia Higueros about being a child in the ’80s. I was very eager to find out how life really was in...

Growing up in the 1970’s

Just how different do you believe the 70’s were? To answer your question they are very different. The people did not even dress the same as people now. Imagine living in a time where there was so little technology that...

January 11, 2019
Karen Wise and Conner Wise

We talked about things from the Gulf War to new technologies of the time.

December 6, 2018
Owen talks to his grandma about the childhoods of her generation, her children’s generation, and her grandchildren’s generation.

In this interview, Owen talks to his grandma, Nancy Ray, born in 1942, about what her childhood was like without technology. Then she talks about what it was like for her to experience the introduction of modern technology into her...

Technology preserving our memories

Andres and I discussed his childhood and the ways he likes to reflect on cherished memories.

December 4, 2018 App Interview
Interviewing My Dad // The Great Thanksgiving Listen

To translate everything, starting with the first questions one of the most important important people in my life is my wife , we’ve been married for 22 years and she’s has been through thick and thin with me. I was...

Jackson Simmons interviewing his grandma, Suzon Simmons, about how the world has changed through the years of her life.

My grandma, Suzon Simmoms, and myself, Jackson Simmons, sat down at her house in Flint, Michigan, on Sunday, November 25, 2018, and talked about her life. My grandma is 76 years old. She has been through a lot and has...