Voice from the minorities

Allen(18) and Ashley (19) talk about the sexual minorities (The LGBTQ group) combining personal experiences.

Having A Voice

John had everything, but due to terrible circumstances he became homeless. One of those awful events was a fight against throat cancer, which left him unable to talk. With the help of a friend and a sense of humor, John...

Teacher voice
January 30, 2019 App Interview

Interview Angel on why he chose a career in teaching

A stranger’s voice.

Nelisabel is my bestfriends little sister whom I never had the pleasure to meet until today. A young lady who has been through tough times in her early years, but turned out to be a very strong, open minded individual....

Voices of Immigration

I interviewed her about her life and how immigration may have affected her life. We also discussed differences of her old home vs the US.

Voice of immigration

The interview was about an immigrant coming to America enduring the life changes.

Small Voices

A little walk down memory lane of a man who came from little, and has earned everything he got. It's not a Hollywood story, but it's a good one.

A Soldiers Voice

“He was a Soldier in the Irish Civil War” On January 2, 2019 David O’Mara (14) sat down with his father Jason O’Mara (42) to talk about his childhood in liberated Ireland and his grandmother’s stories about the history of...

An Elders Voice

Me and my grandpa talked about everything from his life in the army, his childhood, and his life with my grandma. I learned a lot of things about my grandpa that i didn’t know before!

Falcon Voice

Ward Webb and Devyn Smith have a conversation about lives as students, Covid experiences, and thoughts on the future.

Voices of Women

We talked about my mom's personal experience of prejudice due to her gender and how her childhood life affected her role as wife and mother. From this interview I gained a new appreciation for my mom and how she juggled...

Women’s Voices interview

This was an interview pertaining to body image and how it might be affected by media portrayal.

Voice and Identity Interview

My mother’s identity and one of her stories

Veteran voices 9

Gerald Anderson 97 year old veteran North Africa, Normandy, invasion of Sicily

Women Voices Interview

In my interview I talk about every day sexism