Emanuel Pimentel ask his mother about her life when she was younger

My mothers life in Dominican republic was a life that she really enjoyed. She spent most of her life over there and visited many different places. She got to hang out with her friends on the amazing beaches and she...

Affirmation of Love
September 22, 2019 App Interview

A mother and her son reflect on parenting and unconditional love.

Cousin, Brother, Best Friend

In this interview, I have a conversation with my close cousin, Jayden. Jayden is a year older than me and I have been going to school with him for four years. In this interview we laugh, talk about our relationship,...

Talking with a New Friend

I sat down with a new friend that I met at college, and we talked about topics from our childhood through the future.

Beth and Kayla

Life lessons are important and friendship is special.

A talk with Mom

Just a conversation between a mother and son

Uncle Bruce
September 22, 2019 App Interview

How a trip around the world finally gave my Uncle clarity

Jim McCarthy – Part 1 – Jim has been a part of Dayton's LGBTQ community since the 1980s and has helped shape and guide it in many ways.

Jim tells the story of his own coming out process and how he has helped shape/guide the Dayton LGBTQ community through important pivotal periods and events since the 1980s, including a protest that led to the ouster of the editor...

Law Interview 1

We interviewed Deb King, an attorney from the Des Moines area about what life is like as a lawyer.

Education Interview

In this interview, I talked with Emma Peterson about her views on education.

Interviewing Amaiya Buck

Interviewing Amaiya about her life experiences

Educational interview

In this interview I talk to Emma Peterson about her views and experience on education.

The Life of Zach Blahnik

A quick interview to hear the first 26 years of Zach Blahnik’s life.

My story matters
September 22, 2019 App Interview

1. I interviewed my grandma for my journalism class. The assignment was on StoryCorps. There were a series of 7 questions. The interview went great.