Megan Bauer and Eileen Bosworth

Megan Bauer (28) speaks with her friend Eileen Bosworth (28) about their experience with grief and share stories of the parents they each lost.

Interview with Cindy – a recently graduated medical resident

This interview is private.

The Interview

Interview with spanish speaking grandmother

Tommy’s Interview

Interview with Tommy Ma, whom has a completely different personality from me, yet we became such close friends in mere months.

Thanksgiving interview with Mom (7th grade)

We talked about her child hood, what she believed in and her experiences.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Assignment – Vignesh Senthilkumar

Some things I talked with my friend were about his differences between here and Fremont and people who have impacted his life in a positive or negative way.


Me talking with my dad about his life, memories, and lessons.


We talked about his childhood and memories.

Bffs Since Birth
November 30, 2017 App Interview

Carmen and I have been bffs since birth and here's our interview.

Family interview

My cousin gives his thoughts on the questions I asked


I interview my father Lewis Jenkins on his past experiences and what he plans to do going forward in life.

The great Thanksgiving

My name is yamelith cruz and this interview was in chicago illinios through a phone call in Indiana .In this interview we asked a variety of questions about life , love , religion it was a combination of everything .Not...

Brett’s story

A little take from my stepdad about life