Albert W. Wolfgang and Jamie Gunoskey

Al Wolfgang “Pap” tells the story of saving a prisoner’s life in WWII, and the compass that the grateful soldier gave him in return. He also reminisces with to his grandson about his father Henry and his uncle Amos.

Poppy’s life story

We talked mostly about childhood memories. Some about jobs and schools mostly.


I asked my mom a series a questions about parenting in relation to me as a child.

Interview project for robi

It’s about the life my mom had in Brazil and the migration part of it as well

October 12, 2021 App Interview

Shafas interview

developing life using ayurveda

Kalyani Nadakudur talks to her Daughter, Keerthi Manogna Buska(19) about ayurveda and how her life has changed using ayurveda.