"We're not interested in just learning about science, we want to do science." An interview with Paul Hertz

His application to be an astronaut may have been turned down, but Paul Hertz is playing a big role in helping us understand how the universe works as the Director of Astrophysics at NASA. He found his passion for astrophysics...

Lucy’s Interview

interviewing my Tia Lucy, my dad’s oldest sister, while my dad is in the hospital recovering from his liver biopsy for his cancer diagnosis.

Steve Desroches and Chuck Sweeney

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Chuck Sweeney (61) about his time performing as a drag queen in Provincetown, Massachusetts in the 1980s and again over the past five years, in particular as his signature character Peggy Lee.

Dad’s Interview

My dad, Charlie, has cancer. I’m with him at the hospital while he waits for a liver biopsy to determine how advanced the cancer is and what specific kind. While we waited I interviewed dad on his topic of choice.

Loyola University Chicago – SOWK 732

Lili Navarrete - migration journey to the USA.

Recollections of the Parenti family (class of 1987, 1988, and 2022)

Interview with a member of the Salve Regina Class of 2022 and her parents (Salve Regina Class of 1987 and 1988). Reflections on what has changed and what has remained constant at Salve Regina. Descriptions of relationships between students and...

"How is high school going?"

The conversation between brother and sister about high school. Destiny 21 years old and Dennis 16 years old. Her younger brother has autism and she just wants to know how he's handling it. Even though he unfortunately has covid at...

Barbara Mueller and Luke Russel

Luke Russel and Barbara Mueller share a conversation over the experiences in life they’ve had even thought they are very different people.

Star Wars and Gummy Bears

Kate Masengill (26) interviews her husband Nathan Masengill (24) about his childhood, work, their marriage.

Questions for Jack

In this recording, Meghan (23) talks to her boyfriend, Jack (23), about his memories, traditions, and hopes for the future.

Gene Marshall and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: A conversation with Gene Marshall, founder and owner of Hometown Seafoods, where he recounts his life and hardworking ethic, including how the fishing industry changed over the past 56 years.

Memories that last a Lifetime
August 9, 2022 App Interview

Reflections down memory lane. Frank Wilkins grandson of Imogene Lowden is 39 years old interviews his grandmother who turned 90 this year takes a trip down memory lane that details both sad and happy reflections of life.

Life Before Christ and Life With Christ

Eric & I talked about him growing up in the projects around gang members. Eric accepting Christ.

Trolley Stop Bakery Diane Wood
August 8, 2022 App Interview

Diane Wood bakes and mentors bakers in a co-op community in St. Louis. The Trolley Stop Bakery is a throw back to old fashioned bakeries!

Kady’s interview of Casey right before Cason’s birth

interview by kady to Casey to go over his perspective on this pregnancy

Interview with my husband
August 7, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed my husband, Mark Warner. He is 47 years old. We talked about things he is proud of in life, lessons learned, happiest and saddest moments in his life, what he hopes for me and our children, his memories...

Sarah Isenberg and Felix Kioko

Sarah Isenberg, MSW student at Loyola University of Chicago, talks with Felix Kioko about his life as an immigrant from Kenya looking at the cultural differences and challenges, especially being an immigrant Black man in the US.

My wife Susan
August 7, 2022 App Interview

Justin Bosley age 41 interviewed his wife Susan Bosley age 42. some general questions were asked about life, marriage, and parenthood.

Nonnie, in Appleton, WI

Talking to my grandmother (89) about her life in WI and memories of our family.

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