StoryCorps Archive Communities

StoryCorps Communities are a place to share your stories with others and to contribute a growing archive of our time in America


Any user with an account on the StoryCorps Online Archive can create a community where members can share stories recorded with the StoryCorps App or StoryCorps Connect.

StoryCorps Communities are used by:

Community Organizations using StoryCorps DIY to embark on their own recording projects

Teachers and educators to create space for reflection from students in your classroom

Corporations seeking to foster connections among staff or to support employee affinity groups

Families to commemorate a reunion, wedding or special event and preserve history across generations

Groups that want to facilitate a dialogue around a specific subject or interest, among others

Libraries, community organizations, and local institutions that host storytelling projects

Anyone can create a StoryCorps Communities page. To get started, all you need is a name for your community, a description and a profile image.

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How StoryCorps Communities Work

When you upload an interview to the Online Archive, it is accessible on your profile page and searchable in our collection, based on your privacy settings. If you create or join a community, you can also submit that interview to the community page to share with other members. It will also appear alongside other interviews in that community on the community page. Try creating a community to make a space for other archive users to share similar stories, or join a community to be alerted when new members add their own stories!

Currently, StoryCorps Communities can only accept user-generated interviews (those recorded with the StoryCorps App, StoryCorps Connect, or uploaded to We look forward to welcoming Signature StoryCorps interviews into communities in the near future!

Community owners have multiple moderation options and can even invite members to become moderators. To learn more about managing your community check out our Help Center for how-to guides and tips.

Help Center Guide to Communities

Create and Share Unlimited Interviews

There is no limit to the number of interviews that can be added to a StoryCorps Community and there is no limit on how many people can join. Help us grow our archive, one interview at a time. Don’t worry – we’ll preserve your recording and keep it safe for generations to come.


StoryCorps lets every user control who has access to their interviews, and if they are a member of a community they also decide which interviews on their account will be a part of that community. Interviews marked as private are only visible to an interview’s owner, to someone who has a secret link to the interview, or to members of a private community to which the interview has been added. 

StoryCorps Communities can be set to public (open to all) or private (only visible to community members). To make a private community, opt-in to our advanced features.

If an interview becomes part of a public Community, and the interview owner later chooses to make it private, then it will simply no longer appear in on the Communities Page. Users can also chose to remove their interview from a community at any time.

Support for StoryCorps Communities

Support for StoryCorps Communities is provided by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and from users like you.