StoryCorps Archive Communities

Welcome to StoryCorps Communities, a new place to share your stories, to connect with others who record and to contribute a growing archive of our time in America


A new feature from StoryCorps, you can create a Communities page – in our online archive – for anyone to visit, to listen to audio stories recorded and selected by you, or to submit their own.

Use privacy settings and other features to create a curated online hub for sharing of audio interviews that are public for everyone or private for friends and family, or other groups.

StoryCorps Communities are used by:

Families to commemorate a reunion, wedding or special event and preserve history across generations

Teachers and educators to create space for reflection from students in your classroom

Corporations seeking to foster connections among staff or to support employee affinity groups

Libraries, community organizations, and local institutions that host storytelling projects

Groups that want to facilitate a dialogue around a specific subject or interest, among others

StoryCorps Communities are the perfect place to preserve and share your community’s voices.


Start a StoryCorps Community Now

How StoryCorps Communities Work

When you create an interview using the StoryCorps App, it is added to our collection at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. You can listen to your interview and share it with others via our online archive. Learn more about the app and our archive here.

Start a conversation by sharing your story with others. Find and join other people who have recorded by searching existing Communities. With the largest single collection of human voices ever gathered, chances are, you’ll find people in your city, state or who share your interests. Click to join an existing StoryCorps Community or start your own.

Anyone can create a StoryCorps Communities page. To get started, all you need is a name for your community, a description and a profile image.

What Communities Provide

Everything you need to start an online hub for collecting and sharing audio stories. StoryCorps Communities come with essential features, including:

Membership & Moderating Your Community

Choose who can share their stories in your space. Membership moderation means that you can control who can join your Community – whether they must ask to join and whether they must be approved by a moderator before they can add interviews. If you choose this feature, you can review interview submissions, and approve them before they appear on your Community Page.

You also have the ability to remove interviews or members at any time. You can also block users from attempting to re-join your community. (But these features are rarely needed, as the StoryCorps Archive is one of the most compassionate spaces on the web.)

Create and Share Unlimited Interviews

There is no limit to the number of interviews that can be added to a StoryCorps Community and there is no limit on how many people can join. Help us grow our archive, one interview at a time. Don’t worry – we’ll preserve your recording and keep it safe for generations to come.


StoryCorps lets every user control who has access to their interviews. Interviews marked as private are only visible to an interview’s owner, to someone who has a secret link to the interview, or to members of a private community to which the interview has been added.

StoryCorps Communities can be set to public (open to all) or private (by owner approval only). See Advanced Features below for more information about this feature.

If an interview becomes part of a public Community, and the interview owner later chooses to make it private, then it will simply no longer appear in on the Communities Page.

Technical Support

We provide support for all user of the StoryCorps App and Archive. Visit our Help Desk for more information or reach us at

Advanced Features

Looking for more? We have some great new advanced features coming soon! If there is a feature you are looking for that you don’t see, please feel free to reach out to us at

Getting Started

Before creating your community, start with:

  • A name for your StoryCorps Community
  • A short description telling people about your community
  • A photo or image representing your community (a square 800×800 high quality PNG or JPG image with a dark background works best)
  • Links to your social media and websites (optional)
  • Additional moderators you’d like to appoint to help you manage the community (optional)

You should also know whether your Community will:

  • Moderate members or let anyone join
  • Moderate interview submissions or accept any interview by default

Support for StoryCorps Communities

Support for StoryCorps Communities is provided by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and from users like you.