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Robert Ratzel with Catherine Morrin
Connie Tensley with Tiara Spain
Glenda Pence with Catherine Morrin
Wayne Hastings with Kerrie Stone
Nancy Meyer with Kerrie Stone
Clementina Gamboa with Analia Gomez
Marge and Aiden Ketchum with Julie Keaty
Karen Buikema with Cathy Morrin
Jan Hanson with Julie Keaty
Susan Fabian with Cathy Morrin
Renee Contento with Cathy Morrin
George Peso with Nicki Seidl
Marlon Hanson and Frances Winkoff with Jeri Hanson-Harte
Chris Raap with Olsin Twomey
Arthur Vandermar with Anna Wassenaar.
Kathie Vanpuyenbroeck with Mary Black.