Since 1949 Georgia Library Association has been a resource for librarians and information professionals in Georgia. It helps librarians stay informed, make connections, and build new skills. The GLA Story Project is designed to capture the history and impact of the association on its members. It provides an opportunity for GLA members to tell how the association has made a difference in their career, provide advice to future leaders, and share their favorite memories from GLA events. The GLA Story Project also aims to capture and preserve the history of the organization by recording stories about the founding of significant initiatives and by interviewing leaders in GLA about their major accomplishments.
The following interview(s) have been invited to a community:

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Holly Hampton and Catherine Manci
Wendy Cornelisen
Dr. Diana J. Very
Dr. Linda Golian-Lui
Ashley Hoffman
September 29, 2018
Carol Stanley
September 29, 2018
Carterette Series Webinar Team (2017)
September 29, 2018
Mary Ann Cullen
September 29, 2018
Shelley Rogers
September 29, 2018
Ashley Dupuy & Eli Arnold
September 29, 2018
Amy Eklund
Susan Morris and Fred Smith
Kimberly Boyd and Virginia "Ginny" Feher
John Mack Freeman
Oscar Gittemeier