Ken Woodard

High School History Teacher, Executive Producer of Lunch Duty Podcast--for teachers, by teachers
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College Worries, Intro and Extroverting, and Pets: Two Juniors and the Virus
Chaos, Hobbies, Friends, Exercise, Junior Year, and Coronavirus
Dealing with Food, News, Social Media, and the Need to Move: Three Juniors Respond to the Coronavirus
Sadness, Hope, and the Importance of Sports: Three Juniors Confront Social Distancing
Gratitude, Exercise, and Friends: Junior Year in the Time of Pandemic
Senior Year Concerns, the Comfort of Dogs, Family, and Food During the 2020 Pandemic
New Normal and Memories of the Coronavirus: Three High School Juniors Ponder Post-Virus Life
Ups, Downs, World Changes, & the College Search in the Age of Covid