Jerry Mallicoat

I am part of a community collaboration to identify and celebrate local Dayton area LGBTQ+ pivotal people, places and events. I am the board chair for Rainbow Elder Care of Greater Dayton, and I lead LGBTQ Health Initiatives for Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County
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Jim McCarthy - Part 2 - tells about LGBTQ protest that led to the firing of the Dayton Daily News Editor, and the future for Dayton LGBTQ
The gay husbands and founders of Dayton's The Rubi Girls and Square One Salon share their coming out story and starting The Rubi Girls
Part 2: The gay husbands and founders of Dayton's The Rubi Girls and Square One Salon share their journey with helping their community.
September 22, 2019
Jim McCarthy - Part 1 - Jim has been a part of Dayton's LGBTQ community since the 1980s and has helped shape and guide it in many ways.
September 21, 2019
Fred Poland tells the story of how he founded the Dayton Gay Men's Chorus and the journey since then.
Lesbian bar tour with Janice James in Dayton, Ohio
Pam Conine, Mayor of Yellow Springs, Ohio, shares her story about being an out lesbian in the Miami Valley.
Part 3: Janice James discusses work with the AIDS Resource Center and lesbian life in Dayton, including her thoughts & hopes for the future
Part 2: Janice James on her life as a lesbian and the "LAVENDER AMBASSADOR" with Lesbian Lavender Dinner Club in Dayton, Ohio.
Part 1: Lesbian life in Dayton, Ohio: Janice James started coming out in Dayton at age 13 in the 1960s. Hear her story of life in Dayton.
Part 2: Early AIDS Warriors: Epidemiologist Lois Hall and Dr. Robert Brandt Jr. share thoughts about their hopes for the future.
Part 1: Early AIDS Warriors: Dr. Robert Brandt Jr. and Epidemiologist Lois Hall reflect on fighting AIDS in the early days in Ohio.
Lee Perry Part 2: NSFW. Adult language. Lee discusses marrying same-sex couples and LGBTQ politics in the era of Donald Trump.
Lee Perry shares his journey as an African-American gay male leader and as former drag performer Leigh Montgomery in Dayton, Ohio (Part 1)
Young gay African-American Ken Smith: his lesbian grandmother gave him important advice: "You do You!"
Jerry Mallicoat talks about his life process of coming out and activism. His mantra is: Be The One. Don't wait for others to make change.