Jerry Mallicoat

I am part of a community collaboration to identify and celebrate local Dayton area LGBTQ+ pivotal people, places and events. I am the board chair for Rainbow Elder Care of Greater Dayton, and I lead LGBTQ Health Initiatives for Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County
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Grace Vaughn (Thornton) speaks about her experience being the first lesbian to sue for marriage equality in 1974 in Dayton, Ohio.
Gay Pastor living with HIV in Ohio shares his journey: When the map doesn't match the terrain, trust the terrain. Stonewall OutLoud
Dayton Ohio gay labor rights activist Richard "Dickie" Wilson talks about his experiences over the last 50 years for Stonewall OutLoud
Counseling in the height of the AIDS & HIV crisis in the heartland with Robert Harrison with Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County, Ohio
Ohio Lesbian Archives Curator Phebe Karen Beiser talks about her life and the archives. Cincinnati/SW Ohio - Stonewall OutLoud