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September 27, 2019
Michael Kemp Horn interviews Michele Marie Horn about her life accomplishments and favorite travels. Branson, Missouri
Halle and Michael Horn talk about her earliest memories.
Megan Horn Troy’s favorite childhood memory. Interviewed by Michael Horn in Branson, Missouri 8/18/2019.
The Epitaph of Kemp Louis Horn - August 9, 2019 By Michael Kemp Horn
James Cordova introduced by Michael Horn 6/19/2018 Branson, Missouri.
Kemp Louis Horn 6/19/18 discussing music performance. By Michael Kemp Horn
Kemp L. Horn 6/17/18. Discussing family heritage on his mother’s side - Frances Josephine Johnson Horn and her siblings.
Kemp L. Horn 6/17/18 by Michael Horn re: Horn Family German heritage in Baltimore, Maryland