Old Town School of Folk Music

The Old Town School of Folk Music teaches and celebrates music and cultural expressions rooted in traditions of diverse US and global communities. Through partnership with StoryCorps, we aim to create a first-person, human picture of the school’s history in honor and celebration of our 60th year. Visit www.oldtownschool.org for more information on classes, concerts, the Resource Center, The Archives Podcast, and other programming at the Old Town School.
The following interview(s) have been invited to a community:

Important: If you accept any of the interview invitations listed above, you will become a member of that community along with your interview.

Michael Miles & Skip Landt
Michael O'Toole & Mike Blackburn
Mateo Mulcahy & Karima Daoudi
Kathy Cowan & Colby Maddox
Joe Filisko & Harlan Terson
Charles Kim & Kim Bellware
Andrew Sa & Mareva Lindo
Ella Jenkins
Julian Ross & Christopher Ross
Peggy Lipschutz & Peggy Browning
Larry Rand & Skip Landt
Zelda Zerkel & Mareva Lindo
Mehran Jalili & Maya Tatiana
Rebecca Armstrong & Mareva Lindo
Charlotte Bader
Alex White & Jimmy Tomasello

Signature Interviews - Your interviews recorded by a facilitator.

June 6, 2019
Jason McInnes and Mareva Lindo