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Parents as Teachers helps communities promote the optimal early development, learning and health of children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers.
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"We were able to partner with CPS to move towards unsupervised visits for the family until the child was reunified with mom & dad."
"We serve primarily the East and Southeast Los Angeles area. That's a community of primarily of Latino recent immigrants...or immigrants."
"In high school I became a teen mom. I fought through long nights with a newborn and still did my homework."
"Las personas van a ser mas abiertas al hablar con una persona que se mire como ellos, que habla como ellos."
"Equity is something that we discuss and equity is something that we strive to achieve" said Lee.
"I've been a home visitor for over 20 years. The joy that I get out of doing this job, is that I’m saving infant lives."
"I've worked with teens, with families who were displaced, or homeless."
Tanya works for the Family and Child Education (FACE) home visiting program and serves families of the Oneida Tribe Indians of Wisconsin.
"My families were from everywhere...Somali families, Persian families, Iraqi families, some from Bhutan, and Burma..."
Christy, a former PAT home visiting participant shares what it was like to be a first time mom of a child with the diagnosis of Autism.
"We had 18 military installations that had the height of Desert Storm and Desert Shield...and a lot of deployments for families."
"My mom died when I was 3, so I thought about what kind of parent would she want me to be...I had no clue. I had a preemie baby..."