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Donald Frick recalls working Blister Rust along the upper Priest River in 1953
Paul and Jan Bastine talk with their granddaughter Kendall about Kalispell Bay.
Mel Roy recalls his blister rust camp experience with his son Mark
Earle and Judy Ruddach share stories about generations at their vacation cabin on Priest Lake
Dr. Robert Bond shares Priest Lake stories with his wife Georgene at their cabin on the end of Coolin Bay.
David Low shares memories with his 97 year old mother Alice Yee
Sarah Shoquist interviews her dad Tom Weitz about their family’s history at Priest Lake
Husband and wife Mike and Carol Rydbom both grew up at the lake in the summer and so it is woven through the fabric of their lives.
Ron Walker, interviewed by his grandson Max Kendall, recalls his years at Outlet Bay and changes in fishing at Priest Lake.
Joanne Miller with childhood friends Carolyn and Dave Nydell talk about going up with cabins at Priest Lake in the 1940s and 1950s.
Hank Jones told his grandson Kyle, "Priest Lake has got a charisma I can't explain."
Nine-year-old Ronan Rasmussen interviews his grandfather Gary James about the family cabin on the Outlet at Priest Lake
Amber Abbas talks with Jamison Warren about family ties at Priest Lake that survive lots of changes and 9/11.
Bobbie Ulrich talks with her son Bob about coming to Priest Lake with her family friends, the Fallquists, during WWII.
Damon Runberg interviews his grandma Jeanne McAlexander Tomlin about family ties at Priest Lake
Sisters Carol McVicker and Teresa von Marbod talk about their family cabin on Kalispell Bay at Priest Lake, Idaho