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Excerpt: “Will you do me the greatest honor, and will you marry me?”
Brandon Stanton and Dave Isay
Excerpt: “I sat in a parking lot and I cried…for about an hour.”
Excerpt: “Can you tell me about one thing that you missed that especially broke your heart?”
Excerpt: “The only way I can explain it…I think mean people get bored.”
Excerpt: “Daddy, um, has big questions that he wants to ask me.”
Excerpt: “I want to know why you never decided to kiss me this whole time.”
Excerpt: "There are so many moments I wish I had savored more."
Excerpt: “Aw, you’re funny mom, you still are really funny.”
Twitter's Dick Costolo and Jack Dorsey
“You didn't know you was marrying a fashion horse, did ya?”
“It's hard to always be the leader.”
“I hear an officer shout out, ‘He’s reaching for a gun.’”
“She exceeded our expectations.”
“We were just the cook and the janitor.”
“I just knew that you needed me and I was going to be there.”