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"We forget all the benefits from play and the more we play, the better our work will be"
"...the play between installation art, there is a very fine line between it and Interior Design"
"When you ask Camden (Whitehead) a question, he may respond with undefinedHave you seen a chestnut?undefined"
"I have a rather cliché end goal, to be able to help people"
"I love the fact that you can be yourself here and be accepted"
April 26, 2016
"How I look at inclusion to use diversity in a way that creates and bridges community."
April 26, 2016
"Nothing is perfect, well maybe a #2 pencil"
April 19, 2016
"I teach very honestly, meaning that I want to learn from the students and they learn from me."
April 19, 2016
"Richmond is special because of the DIY scene"
April 15, 2016
"People who are lucky say yes to a lot of things, they do not say no very often"
April 12, 2016
"As a teacher you never know how you impact the students that you are interacting with"
April 11, 2016
“To visit a culture that is so dramatically different in every conceivable way really opens their eyes”
April 5, 2016
"I wish I would have taken a class on teaching marching band"
March 29, 2016
"VCU Qatar has great facilities and resources to explore with"
March 29, 2016
"When you are in school you feel like you have a lot of time"