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Ann Horlacher reminisces about her Aunt Helen Starr Harris, a St. George Children's Librarian
February 26, 2019
Karen Losee played a role in serving on the Library Board during expansion in the library system
February 26, 2019
McArthur siblings Durant and Janice M. Hepworth both love the library and it has helped them through their lives
February 26, 2019
First grade introduced Bonnie Blackburn Henrie to the magic of a library and books
February 13, 2019
Sisters Susan Ahrens and Mary Ashman grew up riding the bus to the library and spent their summers reading
Dedicated volunteer Kathleen Bruhn has given her time to the library for 28 years
Longtime librarian David Huskinson described changes in technology since he began in 1990
Lifetime friends Leslie Johnson and Cynthia Shepherd spent many hours together in their youth at the St. George Library
December 18, 2018
Two Makerspace fans discuss the origins of the movement and the St. George Library Makerspace
December 17, 2018
Laura Frei has many good memories of the county library and believes the area was blessed to have it
December 12, 2018
St. George native Winona Stanley said she loved books and children’s story time
December 11, 2018
As a child, the library was an oasis to Billie Frei in the hot summer St. George days
Sisters Ann Jacobs and Susan Jolley used the St. George Library as both children and adults, passing the love of reading to their children
The Hurricane Branch Library and its Anime Fannatiku Club provided a safe and supportive place for Cynthia Hawk
November 27, 2018
The library provided a comforting place to Maureen Booth when her family relocated to St. George, Utah
November 21, 2018
St. George Natives Kelly and Patricia Larson both grew up using the local library