because a woman's place is at the decision making table in government, in business, in technology, in education, in sustainability, in peace.
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Alexandria 'Rain' Smith speaks to StoryCorps at WILPF's 100 year anniversary conference, WomenStopWar.
The Peace Museum in Vienna: 1,000 Peace Heroes
Hazara women on persecution in Afghanistan: WILPF
'Blue Eyed God' Author on Africa & Europe: WILPF
Kozue Akibayashi dreams of permanent peace: WILPF
Iranian lawyer's passion? Gender Equality: WILPF
Female Syrian journalist on covering war: WILPF
University student + 83 year old Activist speak: WILPF
Rwandan activist on justice: WILPF
Ten year old gender activist: WILPF
Légion d'honneur de RDC parle: WILPF
NGO for Rural Women in India: WILPF
1,200 Shoes for 1,200 Missing Indigenous Women: WILPF
Women Peacemakers & 1325: WILPF
Young WomenStopWar Activists: WILPF
Audio Selfie: 'Rain' Smith, WILPF USA, presents poetry + a story