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Bei Zhang and Amy Bourgeois

In this short recording, two colleagues recollected how they first met and got to know each other. Then they shared their experience about a workshop that is designed to help people using reflection and writing to cope with the challenges...

AAMC and StoryCorps presents : Cecil Webster and Dowin Boatright

Physicians and close friends Cecil Webster and Dowin Boatright discuss racism in medical education and how difficult it can be to talk about the realities of racism with children.

Jayna Gardner-Gray and Geneva Tatem

Intensive care physicians Jayna Gardner-Gray and Geneva Tatem describe what it’s been like working as African-American doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AAMC and StoryCorps presents : Kimberly Manning and Shanta Zimmer

Dr. Kimberly Manning tells her friend and colleague Dr. Shanta Zimmer about her path to medicine, her experience at Tuskegee and Meharry Universities, and some of the lessons she has learned in her journey as a Black physician.

AAMC and StoryCorps presents: Aviad Haramati and Carrie Chen

Medical school educator Aviad "Adi" Haramati tells his colleague, Huiju "Carrie” Chen, about his influences and the opportunities created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.

AAMC and StoryCorps Presents : Rachel Pearson and Benjamin Laussade

Dr. Rachel Pearson tells her husband, Ben Laussade, what it was like being pregnant and working in a hospital in San Antonio, Texas as COVID-19 spread throughout the United States. The couple welcomed their baby, Sam, at the height of...

AAMC and StoryCorps presents: John, Selwyn, and Adrienne Vickers

Dr. John Vickers, Jr. talks with his son, Dr. Selwyn Vickers, and granddaughter, Adrienne Vickers, about his journey to become one of the first African-Americans to graduate from the University of Alabama with a PhD and the legacy he wants...

AAMC and StoryCorps presents: LaShyra Nolen and Elizabeth Gaufberg

Harvard medical student LaShyra “Lash” Nolen tells her former professor Elizabeth Gaufberg about how COVID-19 has changed the way she advocates for her patients and the role she’s playing during the pandemic as the first Black woman to serve as...

AAMC and StoryCorps presents: Sadé Frazier and David Kountz

Colleagues David Kountz and Sadé Frazier discuss how recent events and the Black Lives Matter movement have affected them both in and out of the workplace. The two also consider what needs to happen to increase the number of Black...

Rita Charon and Deepu Gowda talk about narrative medicine, mentorship, and communities of discovery.

Rita Charon: 2020-11-22 19:50:01 Rita Charon talks with her former student and now colleague Deepu Gowda about their histories together as student, teacher, and now colleagues in developing the discipline of narrative medicine.

Craig Umscheid and Michael Wong Interview Each Other for the AAMC CMO Leadership Academy

Craig Umscheid (46) and Michael Wong (55) interview each other as colleagues in the AAMC CMO Leadership Academy. They discuss how they chose a career in medicine, how the events of 2020 have changed their worldviews, what the future holds,...

Times of Extremity

Conversation between Dr. Ali Raja, Chief Medical Officer at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Dr. Richard Riggs, Chief Medical Officer at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

COVID and racial tensions in 2020 from the perspective of medical leaders

Joe Chang and Chinyere Anyaogu share their experiences as senior medical leaders during the challenges of 2020