Finding home

Seattle -> Fremont *COVID* Hawaii -> Carlsbad -> Fremont -> Kent -> ?

Y2K immigration

Discussing how Y2K led to immigration

Jennifer ellingson

Jennifer Ellingson was interviewed by her son Ryan Smith

Manasa’s Interview with Anushka

This was a chance for me to understand my friend Anushka’s perspectives and her thoughts on her and her life.

LHP interview

Interview with my mom about her day of 9/11


Over the September eleventh terrorist attacks.

Interviewing roxana

We got to learn about Roxana’s personal life

Mother and Daughter

We talked about her life as a kid and her early adulthood. We also talked about her favorite places and memories

Time with my Dad

I spent 30 minutes with my Dad talking about how to be happy in life.

Leaving Vietnam

I interviewed my father about what life was like in Vietnam and how and why he escaped.

Long time friends

We got to know my relationship with a long time friend of mine.

La vida difícil

Mi mamá va a hablar de cómo fue su vida en Mexico y como todo cambio llegando a los Estados Unidos.

My Nana’s Experiences While Coming to America

In this interview, my Nana and I talk about her childhood in Hungary and her experiences coming to America amidst World War II

Grandad’s History
May 20, 2022 App Interview

This interview was with my Grandad, discussing his life throughout an important time in the U.S. He discussed his childhood, his adult life in Ireland, and some advice for me.

My Grandfather’s Interview

We talked about political views, past and present family members and their stories.