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About His experience

In this record his talking about his experience. He really loves his family. He’s 20 years old.

Recording – 10-01-2023 12:29:36

Kamryn interviewed Hunter both 18 years old. They are dating. She asked him about memories he had with family and with each other.

Remy Boulais and Grandma Cora Talk About Changes in Communication

Remy Boulais: 2023-10-01 17:28:25 How Communication has Changed Overtime

My interview with Adele Winters

This is an interview that I had with Adele Winters, my bubbe, for my english class in 2023. We spoke about her childhood. She grew up in an Jewish family who immigrated from Europe to Canada.

Social Media and Growing Up
October 1, 2023 App Interview

This interview is with my boyfriend of two years, Zackary Powers and his experience with social media and the internet throughout his life.

My mother’s Life and her Christian upbringing

Eddie Harrington (19) interviewing his mother, Shannon Harrington (48). The interview discussed the challenges Shannon had to overcome to be here today and how having a son was the greatest moment of her life. Finally family jokes and sayings were...

Mother growing up in Colombia

My mother Alcira (56) and I Vanessa (18) discussed about how and when she got to the U.S. We also talked about her funny, wild and interesting life when she was growing up in the beautiful country of Colombia!

Gender Roles and Biases on Adolescence in High School

In this podcast, I will be discussing the gender roles that adolescents uphold in the classroom setting as well as the gender biases students are confined to throughout navigating their academics. I will also talk about the Gender Intensification Hypothesis...

A personal experience of what it was like to be a teenage mom

On Friday, September 29th, I interviewed my older sister on what her experience was like to become a mom at such a young age. We talked about the emotions she felt and how the people around her reacted.

Frank talks about life and management

Frank is a straight forward man from a Christian background who lives by the rules. In this interview we get a look into his life to explain why he is the way he is

COMM 240 Interview with Dr. Brent Blackwell

We discussed how the emergence of the internet and phones changed the way we maintain relationships. We also talked about how formality has changed in the workplace and education.

A Mother’s Past

Discussing the childhood, meaningful relationships, the troubles of starting adulthood, and making an impactful career in Native Healthcare.

School Dress Codes: Helpful or Harmful to Self-Expression

Mekensie Weinholtz discusses how school-implemented uniform policies/dress codes can affect the outcomes of socialization and self-expression in adolescents. She interviews her sister, Sydney, who gives insight on her own experience within schools that have strictly-enforced uniform policies.

We talk about food (Breaking Bread)

I (Leyssa Desir) interviewed my best friend, Ashley Cineus about food. We talked about our relationship and the role food had in said relationship. We talked about our individual relationship with food.

Claire Flaherty Wilson

Evan Killeen, 26, interviewing his Nana, Claire Flaherty Wilson, 82.

Conversation with Mami

Sabrina (20) interviews her mom Cristy (55) where she shared her stories in the kitchen and some memories from when she started learning how to cook. Getting to talk about the relationship that food has between two people and getting...

Interviews with the Waccamaw Indian People: Fire Keeper Marion Craddock

Marion Craddock, Fire Keeper of the Waccamaw Indian People, talks with a Coastal Carolina University student about what it means to him to be a member of the tribe. He says that his role as Fire Keeper, which includes the...

Interviews with the Waccamaw Indian People: Ricky Hudnall

Ricky Hudnall, a member of the Waccamaw Indian People of South Carolina, talks with a Coastal Carolina University student about what it means to him to be a member of the tribe. Ricky says that "the biggest thing I'd really...

Your Love for Food

The interview was made by Valeria Giron who’s 20 years old to her boyfriend Pedro Gonzalez who is 23 years old. During the interview it was discussed what food meant to him and how his beliefs about food impact their...