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Kiki on her 50th birthday

Poonam (38) interviews her friend Kiki (50) for her birthday in hopes she will impart her beautiful insight and wisdom.

Rhonda Travers: Making Your Moments Matter

Rhonda Travers believes every moment matters. She works with organizations and companies in the areas of leadership, Human Resources and collaboration.

More memories with Judith Blackburn – 06-24-2024 09:37:21

Farm memories, unique characteristics of the Blackburn men, early inventions.

Ode to Summer: Time Traveling Through History- A Conversation with Joy Green

Helen Ladson is joined by educator & social justice advocate Joy Green as she recollects her experience she had during and after a coastal historic tour. Joy expresses how her immersion into history has grounded her present and illuminates her...

Interview with My Mom

A mother and son conduct their first interview where they discuss more about their past.

Recording – 06-23-2024 16:54:23 momma and Abi

mother Jennifer (49) and daughter Victoria (24) talk about life and answer some hard questions.

Horror movie talks

first podcast episode talking about Horror movies. I had fun with this episode and Im excited to do more.

"Why do we code?" and other musings with Carol Willing

Carol Willing, a veteran programmer with a passion for making technology accessible, shares her journey from mainframe computers to the world of Python and Jupyter Notebooks. She emphasizes the importance of generalist skills, critical thinking, and building up the next...


Rocky and I discuss navigating new relationships and non monogamy.

Personal Relationships/Love Interview

This is an interview surrounding love and personal relationships. The person I interviewed was my sister, Alanis Sophia (22). She speaks on topics about her current relationship and her past ones, and how she's learned to guide herself through each...

Dillon Merrill interview Jeff Merrill

I welcome everyone as I interview my father Jeff

My parent’s honeymoon on Oreana lookout

Stephen (59) talks to his parents Arlyn (92) and Wilma (91) about their summers living at fire outlooks in Idaho.

Recording – 06-22-2024 19:42:26

Three brothers, Bob (76), Ryland (74) and Mark (72) reminisce about their father and growing up in SW Virginia in 1950s and 1960s.

Elijah Grisham and Colleen Lashley Interview: Personal Stories and Views

I sat down with my grandma to interview her about what she has went through and her views. Diving into a few questions about her life and views.

Ode to Summer Series: California Dreamin' & Midwest Memories- A Conversation with Rehana Lerandeau

Helen Ladson interviews Rehana Lerandeau with Critical Resistance (Atlanta, GA) who shares her memories of growing up as an only child in Oakland, California. She recalls the fondness of skating with her group of friends and her experiences with gender...

Ode to Summer Series: Rhymes, Rinds, & Leisure- A Conversational Discourse with Jasiatic Anderson Usher

Helen Ladson is joined by artist & plant-based chef Jasiatic Anderson Usher who shares her memories of summers in North Carolina. With an emphasis on the importance of maintaining food traditions and recreation, Mrs. Usher shares her experience of exploration...

Harry Callahan interview #2

a brief interview about working in the music industry in the 60s, 70s, and 80s from South Lake Tahoe, CA to Hollywood, CA