This is an interview of Chad Crawford, my boyfriend who happens to be a twin. I ask him some questions about what life is like being a twin.

Pierce Guthrie and Jonathon Guthrie

Pierce Guthrie (18) interviews his father Jonathon Guthrie (48).

My Brother, my Best Friend

This interview is between my brother and I. We talk about who who was to be, his nickname, and a favorite memory he has of me.

Mother Interview

Talked about her father (my grandfather) and the affect he had on her.

Interview with Grant

I am interviewing Grant Hu a DCDS student and asking questions about him and his life.

Interview with Dad

This interview is a little about my stepdads family, his childhood, and advice he has to give.

Sophia’s thanksgiving break

I talked to my Granny B about easing my dad.

Rianna Shaffer and Kalissa Yates talk about when their friendship started 5 years ago and where they are now.

Rianna and Kalissa discuss their 5 year relationship. They met in 2014, at Kentucky State University joining a sisterhood the two could have never really imagined being the best of friends as they are totally opposite of one another.


My grand mother is a teacher for disabled children.this interview goes to prove that all Authority is of Allah the true he is best to reward in his hand is the best end of believing in him

American History Project

I interviewed my mother on her past, and also asked for advice on many things, and learned about her life.

Jane Foster interviews her Grandmother, Mary Foster, about her life growing up until today.

In this interview, conducted in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Jane Foster (14) and her Grandmother, Mary Foster (75) talk about her childhood and her life to this day. They discuss how she met her husband, William Foster, their three children,...