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Christmas Audio Letter by Lydia “Tiddle” Fryer of Powell, Wyoming: December 1972

This is an audio recording, created by my grandmother and father‘s (Tom Fryer’s) mother, Lydia “Tiddle” Fryer of Powell, Wyoming, on December 25 and 26 of 1972. This audio was originally recorded on an analog “reel to reel” audio tape...

interview 1

Gavin and I discussed about his life and the upcoming of it. we talked about the hard times and the happy times.

Franzke Fathers Day interview

our annual tradition of talking about our favorite Franzke.

taking with my best friend

Melanie(17) Jacky (17) talk about future goals in life and childhood memories

emi Martínez and César virgen

it’s a discussion and questions that I asked my cousin Emi (21)about how he struggled moving here in the United States with his family at the age 5

Dad’s Naval Story: Beating Respect into a Bully

Sanura Weathers (daughter) interviews her father (Marshall Weathers) about a racist bully in his first few years as Navy Seaman.

Pat Barton

sitting outside in the carport with the dogs

Ted from Detroit

Daughters Holly (53) and Angela (49) interview their recently widowed Dad, Ted (79) and his lessons learned since his wife’s passing.

In honor of my Dad, George. R. Walton, Jr. of Delaware

This recording is a compilation of voicemails left by George R. Walton, Jr. of Delaware (1937 - 2017) to me (his daughter) ranging from from March 4, 2015 - July 14, 2017. As you can hear, he cared deeply about...

Founding Date of Camp Icaghowan 1908 – 06-15-2024 09:41:00

Interview with Marge Meffert, YMCA employee and records detective. Marge explains how she determined the correct founding year for Camp Icaghowan is 1908, not 1909 as previously thought.

Jada Interview

Jada gives information about the effects the economy has had on her family's growing up.

Recording – 06-14-2024 18:58:27

Talking with MS. Diane, and tells the economic encounters of her lifetime.

Oma Ostmeier

grandson (40) interviewing maternal grandmother about childhood in Netherlands and life coming to United States

Pine Island Cranberry Company

Pine Island Cranberry Company is the second in Tuckerton Seaport's South Jersey Farmers' Roots series created by the Tuckerton Seaport. Meet Bill, Stefanie, and Mike Haines, the 4th and 5th generations that keep this local agricultural business in action. Pine...

Rigel defendini and grandfather Ira feirstein

grandfather Ira feirstein and his grandson Rigel defendini have their first story corps discussion about a childhood in nyc 1950’s

Aryana Rivera Bibliography

school experience. growing up. siblings. Love life.

Nik Ibarra and Shay Mackenzie

Nik (15) interviews their friend Shay (18) and how their friendship happened and will continue to grow