LEED certified in Denver, Colorado

I am speaking with Jon Rasch, the senior chief building engineer about Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED certification. What does being LEED certified mean for his Denver skyscraper?

Creativity for a Lifetime: Interview with my Grandpa

For my interview I talked with my grandpa all about his childhood and how carpentry has been apart of his life forever and eventually turned into a career.

Creativity for a Lifetime: Interview with my Grandma

In this interview, I talked with my grandmother Georgiann Eckheart, about her life as a mother and grandmother and how creativity played a role in her life.

Interview with dad

I interview my dad about his life and accomplishments.

Conversations with Brownie

Elliot talks about life as a young boy in Tacoma Washington during WWII in a family of 8 children

Sterling Ranch, a 21st Century Community

As part of an Urban Ecology course, I interviewed one of the developers of Sterling Ranch, a new community in Denver.

What is Creativity?

I had the privilege to sit down wjth Dr. Smith and talk about her views on creativity

Creativity in the Mind of My Grandmother

We discussed the summary of her life through religion, work, & family. With a basis of what creativity was and how it’s impacted her.

Interview with Aly

Talked a lot about how we impact eachother

House mom Robin

Robin and i talked about her career and what led her to that. We talked about her family, values, hobbies, and her accomplishments.

Through the eyes of a 66 year old

I interviewed Jim Thielen, a family friend and neighbor, about how he has expressed his creativity throughout his life.

Creativity for a lifetime interview 1

I interviewed my grandma and got a better understanding of how creativity impacts her life. (I have extra audio I will edit in to make it longer than 13 min)

He Traded Single Life To Be Foster ‘Pop’ To More Than 50 Kids

Guy Bryant grew up surrounded by women who dedicated themselves to caring for children in their Brooklyn community. He then spent years working with foster teens as they made the transition to living on their own. But after three decades...

Untitled Interview

This interview all about the famous online leather jacket store name getmyleather.

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The lessons of life

We talked about the lessons we learned through our experiences. How those lessons and experiences have helped us go forward in life.


My grandpa talking to me about his life

American Studies Interview Project

Interview with my mother about her step father, Richard.