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The Experience of Immigration

This interview are talk about that the reason why Jiachen came to U.S, and before he came to U.S, what does his life looks like.

Great Aunt from Australia

My aunt had a great childhood with my mom. They both could do many things that I couldn't do such as troubling neighbors, climbing up trees etc. The reason I asked my aunt not my mom is because I've been...

Mom’s Love

The love from Xingcen's mom. And it's really important to him and he be respect to it. And he express his love to his mom without words.

Interview with Nichole Hernandez! :)

I interviewed Nichole because I want to know her better. I met her in Queens College and I want to know about her future career, her past and what she likes.

Mom’s Love

The mom's is really important to Xingcen. He respect to his mom's love and how he express his love to his mom without words.

Hello Roy!!

This interview is about my friend – Roy. Everyone has a unique childhood, also including him. We talked about the memory of childhood, change of life, matter of family, etc. Moreover, this interview helped me know more about my friend....

My Neighbor Alina’s Experience

In this interview, I talk with Alina about her challenges.

Life Experience

Today I am Interviewing my dad Jose Paniagua about Life Experience, Despite the obstacles in your life you have to perseverance to achieve what you really want for your life.

Father’s Childhood

My father's childhood are dark but he still working hard.

Finding a Job in the United States

Today I talk with Sofia about the difficulty of finding a job in the United States. and also we talk about the difference between her country and the United States.

Haobo Yang talks about FRIENDSHIP with Erjia and Dio Zhou

The interviewer Haobo YANG talks about "Friendship" with his friends- Dio and Erjia. How the friendship affect their life, and their views of point think of "Friendship".

what do you want to do in your future?

The content of my question is about her future life, and what she wants to do in the future. I can learn her benefits. I will determine my own direction and I can get more experience.

“Mother’s Love”

"The love from Xingcen's love. And he really thank

My aunt’s childhood

This interview is about my aunt's childhood and I was very curious how was her childhood been like. Everyone have a lot of different memories, there is happy ,sad and regret.

My father’s childhood

Hi I am Ramon Cedeno and I made an interview with my father Luis Cedeno he is 67 and I asked him about his childhood and experiences that he had in his life and also a message that he could...

My Mother’s Childhood

This interview is about some things happen in my mother's childhood,