[Ginling College, NNU, English Dept.] British & American Short Stories Course Spring 2022

Public Community Schools and Classrooms


Yvonne and Mina

discussed with my interviewee Mina the question of whether high school students should wear school uniforms. I asked her about her hobbies, about sports and art. In addition to that, we also talked about her dog. It was an interesting...

Untitled Interview

we talk about majors, dream jobs, childhood and highlight moments

Growing-up Stories

We talked about the worst things as a kid, favorite stories from childhood and so on during the interview.

Rosanna Wu and Joshua Wang

Rosanna Wu talks with her boyfriend,Joshua Wang about his experience studying in Australia and his suggestions.

Clara and Emily

Emily talks with her friend, also her roommate, Clara, about the fond and hard memories in high school. They also talks about their majors and what are their dream jobs together. They all hope their have a bright future.

Nathaniel Wang and Mr.Yang

Nathaniel Wang and Mr.Yang conducted an interview. Mr. Wanghas an interview with Mr. Yang. The two exchanged views on minimalism.

Crystal Wang and Little Chen

My English name is Crystal Wang and my Chinese name is Jingxuan Wang. This is a clip from my interview with my friend Little Chen about her first 18-year life experience and her future plan. You can listen to the...

Sarah Ma and Yifei Gao

A interview about family and friendship

Special and Shared Memories

Eliane Zhou (18) talked with her friend, Ivy Fan (19) about her special childhood in countryside and their shared life and memories in senior high school.

Nathaniel Wang and Mr.Yang

Nathaniel Wang and Mr.Yang conducted an interview. Mr. Yang has an interview with Mr. Wang. The two exchanged views on appearance, social interaction and author.

An interview about your ideal city to live in

Dorothy Zhao talked with Lisa He for an interview. It mainly discusses whether she wants to live in Nanjing, what other livable cities she has in mind and what factors she considers for livable cities, etc.

Interview by Minyu Zhang with Tianyu Hao

Tianyu Hao talks about her life in China.

Charlie Chu & Austin Shi

This is a couple's conversation. Charlie Chu chose to interview her boyfriend Austin Shi for this final project. The nicknames or code names of the two are 99 and 10 respectively, and the secrets of them will not be disclosed...

Mavis Li and Steven Wu

Mavis and Steven talked about some fragments in his daily life and showed a real Steven to the listeners

Rachel Liu and Becky Zuo

Rachel Liu (19) speaks with her best friend Becky Zuo (19) about a variety of interesting stories Becky has experienced in her life so far, as well as her expectations and plans of the glorious future. Knowing that Becky just...