Honors English I

Public Community Schools and Classrooms


Angie Knapps interview on national progress

She talks about how her upbringing has affected her views and how her experiences have shaped her morals

Honors English Interview

Interview with my dad about the progression of the nation.

What has changed in America 1980s to 2020

Jim (my dad) reflected on the time he grew up (the 1980s) as a simpler time. We talked about what has changed since then.

Honors English 1 Interview

I talked with my dad about how today’s society as a whole differs from when he was growing up.

American Progress

I interviewed my dad about how America is changing, and has changed in the last century.

WDC interview

I talked with my mom about the changes she has seen in her life time.

Natalie Evensen Honors English I

We talked about the ways our country has changed , what our generations have done, and what we can do in the future. (Sorry my grandma interrupted!)